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Super Fresh Chlorella V12

Super fresh Chlorella V12 has been developed especially for Rotifer cultivation. Each cell of SV12 contains DHA, EPA, and vitamin B12 ensuring optimal enrichment.

Thanks to SV12 quality, it has an efficiency that can increase the number of Rotifers 8 times in 3 days. The product is made in Japan.


Chlorella Density: 14 Milliard cell/ ml 

Cell Size: 2-4 Micron

Dry Net Weight   : > 135g/l

Vitamin B12        : > 320μg/l

Container Volume: 20 liters

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Rotifers like human beings and others living organisms prefer to have fresh feed. SV12 is a fresh chlorella. It is not dried or frozen like other commercial chlorella. 

Fresh, enriched, and high quality Super fresh chlorella can produce healthier Rotifer which in turn result into lower mortality and deformity rates in the fish larvae tanks.  Besides, with high potential of SV12, within 3- days- batch, number of rotifers will increase at least 8 times which is unique characteristic of SV12. 



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