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Hakkımızda: Ben Kimim?

About Us

​In VARS aquaculture company our philosophy is to supply the highest quality fish feed products and services to the aquaculture companies in countries around the world and since the supplying of raw material has brought us much closer to farmers and their processing facilities, it has enabled us to procure quality fish meat and seafood products to our customers. Therefore, VARS concluded that it

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needed a more secure and quality fish meat supply. Thus, we invested to make a secure supply chain with close collaboration with your local trading partners.

With many years biotechnology background, we started our mission in 2016 with supplying live feed animals to the biggest aquaculture companies in Mediterranean region and we owe our quick success and growth to two facts that , attention to details of customer's needs helps us to give the best services and products and our commitment to honest, innovative goals by adopting business ethics is our principle.

Now we, as a fresh or frozen seafood wholesalers and supplier of fish feed and services to aquaculture companies, are partner with major suppliers to bring the best feed and high quality seafood products available in the market of our customers.

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