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To secure a long-term feasibility of “Olive flounder” farming is our specialty.


Genetic evaluation of current brood stock and securing wide range of genetic variation of the olive Flounder is the first and the most important platform for feasibility of fish farming.

What we can do

1.Analysis of various genetic parameters of the brood stock.

   Including genotyping and analysis of 500 breeders

   Using 16 DNA markers

   Genetic relations, genetic variability, population genetics parameters   

   Suggesting possible remedy if needed


2.Breeder supplement to secure enough genetic variation

   Including DNA analysis of 100 fishes

   Air delivery to your destination

   Minimum no of fish is 100


3.Running a breeding program (family-based selection method)

   Set up a most efficient breeding program for olive flounder broodstock

   Including genetic analysis of 2.000 fish

   Three visits/year to your facility


4.Guidance of practical farming operation

   Including egg & fry production, and grow out practice

   Natural fertilization and egg collection


5.Provide the best, special and exclusive feed formula for olive flounder

   Provide the most efficient, economic and proper feeding regime

6.Supply vaccines for various diseases of olive flounder such as  

   Edwardsiella tarda

   Streptococcus iniae

   Vibrio harveyi

   Viralnervous necrosis


7.Set up to keep Quality in harvesting and post-harvesting procedures

   Harvesting, Slaughtering and packaging methods

   Protocol for preparation and transport conditions

Lab Work
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Test Tubes
Test Tubes
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