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Shelf Life

Fresh:   14 Days

Frozen: 18 Months

Nutritional Facts (for 100 gr)

Energy:                                           134 kcal

Saturated Fatty Acid:                      1.13 gr

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid:           1.85 gr

Monounsaturated Fatty Acid:        2.50 gr

Protein:                                           20.44 gr

Salt:                                                   0.06 gr

Available Forms : 

  • Whole Round Fish: Whole fish, completely intact, exactly as they were caught.

  • Descaled & Gutted (D&G): Removal of viscera (stomach, roe sacks, other guts) and descaled

  • Dressed: Removal of viscera, head, tail and fins

  • Fillet

  • Frozen or fresh

  • Can or smoked

Delivered by air or sea


EPS packages (6 ,10 kg) in Cardboard.

EPS material with its outstanding thermal insulation properties enables freshness extension of our seafood products.Each EPS packages is in cardboard. 

Size Groups:

100 - 200  gr/piece    

200 - 300  gr/piece

300 - 400  gr/piece

400 - 600  gr/piece

600 - 800  gr/piece

800 - 1000 gr/piece

1000 - 1500 gr/piece

Our fish and seafood products are a holder of international quality certificate and is being exporting to Europe for more than a decade.

We supply our customers from the biggest and reputable Sea bream farming companies in Mediterranean region.

Wide range size is available for one portion or more for family dinner sorting.

Regular fresh delivery is our expertise for stable and high demand orders.

With existence of different cages in Mediterranean Sea, harvesting is possible throughout the year.

Sea Bream is enriched in omega 3 fatty acids and has high protein and amino acid content.

Various types of cooking such as oven, grill, pan, salt can be applied.

It is a preferred and favorite fish with its fine and firm flesh.


Mediterranean Sea Bream

(Sparus aurata)

We take pride in the quality of our seafood products and supporting industry leading local Farmers.

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